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Turning Interest into Action 

Our History

Formally organized on January 29, 1883, with the purpose of supporting and influencing the physical and social growth of the town of Fairhaven, by-laws were drawn up, and the name The Fairhaven Improvement Association was adopted.


Initial Officers:

Edward A. Dana - President

Job C. Tripp - Vice President

Dr Charles Cundall - Secretary  

Eben Akin Jr. - Treasurer


The by-laws declared, “ The objective of this association shall be to cultivate public spirit, quicken the social and intellectual life of the people, promote good fellowship, and secure public health by better hygienic conditions in our homes and surroundings.”

A motto later drawn up by Edmund Anthony Jr stated the aspirations of the organization: “Give without hope of return; give without knowledge of knowing who receives! The noblest gesture there is - is with the wide open hand.”

History, as told by Mable Hoyle Knipe in “Century of Concern: The Story of The Fairhaven Improvement Association 1883-1983”


The Fairhaven Improvement Association, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, continues its enduring mission to promote the beauty and welfare of our town and foster community cooperation. At the heart of our organization is a dedicated community of members who collectively hold the threads of our mission together, shaping the spirit that has defined us for over a century.

Throughout the year, we engage in a variety of impactful initiatives, including the Annual Dinner & Awards presentation recognizing outstanding community service and business beautification achievements. From adorning Riverside Cemetery with Memorial Day decorations to planting flower boxes and urns in the town center for beautification, we take pride in enhancing Fairhaven's visual appeal.

Our commitment extends to programs such as the Shrubbery Voucher Program, offering support for green initiatives. We proudly present the Myra Lopes Citizenship Awards to outstanding Fairhaven students and contribute scholarships to support educational pursuits.

Community events like the Homecoming Day Fair and Art Exhibit, Concerts Under the Stars, and the Winter Beautification project with festive holiday decorations bring neighbors together throughout the seasons. We also organize the heartwarming Wreaths Across Fairhaven event, the festive Sing Along, and actively support our local schools, food pantry, and civic organizations through charitable donations.

Discover the collective impact of our initiatives as we, together with our dedicated members, strive to create a more vibrant, connected, and beautiful Fairhaven year-round.

Get to Know Us

Discover the heart behind the Fairhaven Improvement Association. We're your neighbors, committed to preserving our town's traditions and building a stronger community together. 

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